High Whitening Effect Wool Optical Brightening Swn CAS 91441 for Cotton Oba Swn

Fluorescent brightener SWN is soluble in ethanol, glycol, acidic liquor, resin and varnish. It's functions by emitting red light and present purple tincture.

Fluorescent brightener SWN is soluble in ethanol, glycol, acidic liquor, resin and varnish. 

It's functions by emitting red light and present purple tincture.


Product Name
Optical brightener SWN
Chemical Name
White crystal powder
Melting point
Soluble in ethanol, glycol, acidic liquor, resin and varnish. It functions by emitting red light and present purple tincture.

This fluorescence brightener SWN is mainly used for brightening the wool, natural silk, nylon, acetate fiber and the cellulose triacetate. Also used for brightening the cotton and acrylic fiber.

Can add the resin in the detergent for washing the fabrics, can improve the fabrics' external whiteness after washing within the range of Ph=3-11. 

Also can be used on the coating paper and used at the aspect of plastic and coating of chromaticity printing. 

1.Multipurpose brightener with excellent whiteness, soluble in ethanol but insoluble in water.
2.Good solubility and compatibility.

Package: Packaged in 25kgs fiber drum with double PE liners
Using method:
1. Applied to Plastics: the dosage of SWN is generally 0.01-0.06%, which can be mixed evenly with corresponding processing plastics.
2. When used for wool, natural silk and acrylic fiber, it is generally used in liquid state
SWN dosage: wool: 0.05-0.35%; natural silk: 0.05-0.4%; acrylic: 0.05-0.8%
3. This product can also be added to detergents and washing powder as whitening agent with the dosage of 0.001-0.005%.

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