High Quality Solvent Red 135 (Transparent Red Eg) for Plastic Use

Solvent red 135 Physical and chemical properties:Yellow light red powder, insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, chloroform, acetone, melting point 318°C, light fastness in P

Solvent red 135 Physical and chemical properties:

Yellow light red powder, insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, chloroform, acetone, melting point 318°C, light fastness in PS up to 8 grade, heat resistance in PS up to 300°C

Solvent red 135 Product use:

It is mainly used for the coloring of various resins, such as polystyrene, ABS organic glass, and polyvinyl chloride. It is also used for the coloring of acetate fiber and polyester fiber protoplasm to obtain yellowish red. Lightfastness reaches 7-8 grades, heat resistance reaches 300-320ºC

Solvent red 135 Performance:

The product has the advantages of strong coloring power, good heat resistance, high light fastness, acid and alkali resistance and bright color. It is widely used for coloring materials such as daily plastics, bobbin materials, industrial oils, paints, inks, masterbatch, etc. Some varieties are suitable for coloring spinning of chemical fiber, polyester, nylon, and acetate fiber

Product Name: Solvent Red 135

C.I. No.: 564120  

CAS No.:71902-17-5/20749-68-2

Chemical Family: naphthalene ring acetone series 

Molecular Formula: C18H6Cl4N2O

Molecular Weight: 408.06

Relatived Foreign Brand:

Kpsolve Red AIR (KPS)

Filester Red GA (CIBA)

Polysynthren Red GFP (CLAR)

Kenawax Red 2GSP (ACL)

Keyplast Red AG (KEY)


Oplas Red 339 (OCA)

Uniplas Red 135 (UCM)

Shade: Yellowish transparent red powder

Solvent Red 135 Physical Properties and light fastness, solubility.

                          Solvent Red 135
Melting Point(°C)318
Light Fastness8
Heat resistance300
Butyl Acetate0.2

Use range:

Advanced plastic colorants belong to the category of oil-soluble dyes and can be dissolved in organic solvents. It can be used in a single color, and can be used after being formulated into various tones in a certain proportion according to the needs. They are all suitable for the dyeing of the following plastics.

(PS) Polystyrene (SB) Styrene-butadiene copolymer

(HIPS) high impact polystyrene (AS) acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer

(PC) Polycarbonate (ABS) Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer

(UPVC) Rigid polyvinyl chloride (372) Styrene-methacrylic acid copolymer

(PMMA) polymethyl methacrylate (CA) cellulose acetate

(SAN) Styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer (CP) Acrylic cellulose

Dyestuff application:

When coloring various plastics, a certain proportion can be directly added to the plastic and mixed evenly to be pre-molded or molded, and the color density can be adjusted according to the required amount. Dyes can obtain bright and transparent colors in transparent and clean resins. If used in combination with appropriate amounts of titanium dioxide and dyes, translucent or opaque colors can be obtained. The dosage can be negotiated according to needs, the general dosage for transparent tones is 0.02%-0.05%, and the normal dosage for opaque tones is about 0.1%.

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